Inspire with Enthusiasm

Inspire with Enthusiasm

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Inspire with Enthusiasm is the 6 month coaching series for industry experts, consultants, coaches, authors and speakers – basically, anyone looking to build their THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PLATFORM. 
Sign up for this advanced group coaching course (available only to Live with Enthusiasm graduates) to clearly define your goals,  package your expertise, create content that rocks, and put it “out there” with a proven plan and push your success through the roof.
It is IMPERATIVE for your growth, influence and success. Sadly, you can’t go it alone. Try, and you will find that it will take a very significant investment of time and money.
What you need instead is what I got myself, way back when: a great coach who has been there, done that. Someone who is ALREADY achieving the results you want. 
This program is the most cost-effective, best, and fastest solution. Even when your mentor is charging top-dollar (and I should be), it’s nothing compared to the costs of trying to solve the problem through brute force. A great mentor is like going from A to Z while skipping all the letters in between. Here is what you will learn: speaking masterfully, and systems for success.
Fundamentally, speaking and thought leadership superstardom rely on two things: people and systems. This program arms you with both, plus a PLAN.
 There are really only two kinds of speakers/ thought leaders, too: those who make a great income, and those who don’t. To leap out of the world of dabblers and one-off speakers and into a business that thrives and scales, join this twice-a-year program.


Module 1

Opening up to Fame

Let’s overcome the resistance to fame, understand its value and importance and create it – within one year

Module 2

Establishing Your Personal Speaker Brand

Creating personal clarity towards the establishment of your expertise, differentiation and purpose-driven speaker platform. This module takes you through personal branding, defining your niche audience and establishing your notoriety / expertise

Module 3

Public Speaking 101

How to start, grow and scale a successful speaking business in today’s digital and hyper-competitive economy, including Keynotes, Workshops and Panels, plus templates for the creation of your bio, sell sheets and marketing collateral to promote and sustain the business

Module 4

Masterful Executive Presence

Delivering talks that captivate and have measurable impact on the lives of your audience has to do with presence – from physicality to form. This module gives you my own formula

Module 5

Memorable Talks, Consistent Content

In Module 5, How to write and execute compelling keynote talks, workshops and content that sells – including books, e-books, podcasts and online programs

Module 6

Landing and Rocking Interviews

Maximizing your key points and soundbites to deliver your expertise all over the world in a way that tantalizes audiences into booking your further, buying your books and more

Module 7

TEDx talks

Want a TEDx talk of your own? I can show you the step by step of how exactly how to do this – from crafting the pitch to getting it out there with a method that gets you IN

Module 8

How to Package and Price Your Services

If you’re a full-time speaker/ thought leader or coach trying to grow, the easiest way to leap to the high-paid level is to stop delivering one-off services, and instead create coaching packages. This module shows you precisely how to do that

Module 9

Mastering Sales and Service

How to consistently sell, overcome objections and have your audience coming back.

With a 92% return rate amongst clients, I can teach you this and the spirit of service and excellence to ensure a lifetime of not only successful, but a career that is meaningful

Bonus Module

How to Gain a Following and Grow Your Audience

Coming Soon

The program includes:

  • 10+ video, audio modules and worksheets.
  • Four 1.5 hour live zoom group coaching sessions to internalize lessons and actively practice.
  • All course work (your talks, marketing materials etc.) will be personally reviewed by me) in between sessions – including all the outlining, editing and personal dedication you normally get from your favorite coach (me).
  • Plus, enjoy unlimited access between sessions to Coach Keren via email.
  • This exclusive 6-month-long Mastermind not only gives you access to private 1-on-1’s with coach Keren, but a grand finale: a luxe in-person retreat with your cohort group and fellow clients from other INSPIRE groups who are also speakers/ authors/ coaches/ consultants and leaders in their companies – right here in Austin, Texas. ALL EXPENSES INCLUDED except for your travel to and from Austin. 

Program duration: 6 months.


Get Coach Keren’s Daily Planning System and Templates for Over-Achievers

    • Time Management for Superstars: With One Short Video, I’ll show you exactly how I write to do lists and hack time to get more done in a week than most do in a month (while working about 4-5 hours a day)
    • PDF Daily Planner: my planner template will allow you to easily create your own system and customize it to fit your projects and priorities.
    • My Success Templates: These audios will accompany you with the right checklists you need to build your successful business operation, stay on top of things and keep your mindset in check as you supercharge your success.

Are you in?

“A rising tide lifts all boats:”



What if people were waiting to hear from you, waiting for the gift that you and only you have to give?

What if all the self-doubt that’s stopping you from fulfilling your life purpose was replaced with complete certainty in the one-of-a-kind contribution you’re meant to make?

In this group coaching forum, I’m guiding you through this inside-out transformation that will give you the unshakable knowing that previous attempts at success have been missing – to help you access the best version of you.

The world needs driven, enlightened and focused humans in positions of POWER, and that includes you. So: are you IN?

“The overachiever who opens up to doing the work in coaching will find that this is an opportunity for growth that pays far greater dividends than any financial investment they’ve ever made. It gives you your freedom.”

Keren Eldad (“Coach Keren”), founder of With Enthusiasm Coaching, is a professional speaker and personal and executive coach who is internationally recognized with world-class leaders, high profile athletes and media personalities and major corporations. Among Eldad’s most notable clients are LVMH, Richemont, Luxxotica, and Global Fashion Group, whom she serves as well as several individual high-profile clients.

Keren’s work and key research on “The Superstar Paradox” has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Harvard Business Review, CNBC and Forbes, and her recent Tedx talk, “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know,” has been viewed over 250,000 times. She holds gold-standard International Coaching Federation credentials, as well as advanced academic degrees from The London School of Economics and the University of Jerusalem.

Keren lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Ryan, and their four beloved pets: Waffles, Moose, Noli and Lyla.


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“My work with Coach Keren has been the most profound work I have done personally and professionally in my life….If you have a chance to work with Keren, don’t hesitate."

When Amanda joined Private Coaching, she was burned out on her career, did not really know what she wanted to do, and she was ending her marriage. Over our time together, we reset her mindset and got her ready to re-launch. She has since streamlined her offerings to be congruent with her vision, broadened and focused her client base and raised her prices. She also met the love of her life. That’s a return that is, in her words: “immeasurable.”


“Working with Keren has been the best investment I made in my professional development and personal growth."

David Fudge, Founder, APLOS

"This was a life-changing experience for me. I got much more than I thought I would be getting. Not only did I gain clarity about what type of job I was supposed to get next or what type of step I am supposed to take in my career…I got so much more. I learned who I am and what I want. I’ve now started my own business, and it feels like a great fit. Finally"

By the time Julia signed up for Private Coaching, she had reached a pivot point. She had already arrived at a place where she had gotten everything she wanted – the top-level job at a major fashion house, she had the lifestyle and the relationship – but she was not happy and not fulfilled. So when all that collapsed, she hired me. It clicked. Julia, who had not only struggled with a lack of clarity but had also struggled with imposter syndrome, she gained confidence and a mindset that was crystal clear about where she was going next. As a result, she has created a new fashion company that is sustainable, transformational, profitable and scalable.


Sometimes, you know that things are stagnant and not working for you, but you don’t quite know what you want, what’s next or what to do. Here’s what MARIA did about that and how coaching helped her make a pivotal, transformative change

Maria Gomez Peralta

"I really can’t think of my life without Keren and without the tools she has given me.”

Eva joined as a seasoned superstar who was simply, in her words, “ready to take things to the next level.”
She’d been an investor for ten years, hailing from a lucrative career on Wall Street.
But she felt “stuck.” She’d been looking for places and inspiration to grow and had come up short.
She was in what she calls a BTS cycle: Busy Tired Stressed. There can be no growth or inspiration from there.
Working with me, Eva took the time to dig deep and untie the knots that were keeping her from truly going big.
She has learned how to leverage her time.
How to make the right decision from a place of calm and knowing (a “hell yes!”)
How to establish her profile as a thought leader.
And how to command an expanded portfolio that actually reflects her values and adds meaning to her life.
It has all paid off. Since we began working together, Eva has:
Established her thought leadership – truly becoming and embodying the Conscious Investor
Launched her successful podcast, Beyond Capital
Seen the launch of her first book, The Good Your Money Can Do
Closed her second multi-million dollar fund in less than a quarter (it used to take her MONTHS to hit these numbers)
And she reports feeling good, clear and happy each day

Eva Yazhari, Founder, Beyond Capital Fund and Conscious Investor magazine, Author: The Good Your Money Can Do

Did you know you can have what you want AND you can have it now? Too often I see well-intentioned women sitting on the sidelines, tethered to less than ideal paychecks, hope-addicted to “one day.” Meghan Houle was NOT one of them. She seized the moment after hearing one of my talks, acting on inspiration and WENT FOR SOME HIGH LEVEL COACHING. As you will see here, she has stepped out of feeling powerless and into her superstar success as a certified coach in her own right, raking in $25k right out of the gate! Talk about a return on investment.

Meghan Houle

Erica Franko has mastered her inner psychology. After years of struggling as an exhausted, over-extended Type A, she has worked to create her own road map to being successful, AND confident, AND happy. After working with Coach Keren Eldad, Erica shares that she now has the frameworks to thrive in virtually every situation — her career, her social, personal, financial … and even spiritual life. Not just this week, or next month … but FOR LIFE. What Erica has gotten out of coaching is a deep appreciation for her life, and a knowing that it is a RICH life. Watch her incredible testimony to learn about how she did this

Erica Franko